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The best thing about 3D printing is the ability to tinker, invent, test things out… Here you will find a growing list of experiments and discoveries…

Making Molds

So I’m getting little obsessed with molds again.  Not plaster this time, but 3d printed.. The pewter ones need more work…  I think they need to be really thin so you can pour the metal, and them dump the mold immediately into water to cool it – when I used solid molds, the plastic melted […]

Easily Distracted…

Is’s true. I’m very easily distracted… At the moment I’m supposed to be doing 3 other things, but I’m writing this!! But this next one is quite a distraction. I have recently fallen in with a crowd of weirdos who meet up in the forest and make fires. We have made popcorn, bread, cakes; I […]